Epic Aircraft and Crewchief Systems Partnership Sets New Standard in Aircraft Asset Intelligence
By Rick Bennett

Digital Maintenance & Safety Insights Enhances the Epic Aircraft Ownership Experience

Bend, Ore. and Mill Valley, Calif.(April 25, 2024) — Epic Aircraft, manufacturer of the award-winning E1000 GX, and Crewchief Systems, a visionary in aircraft asset intelligence, today announced a pivotal partnership that promises to redefine operational safety and efficiency in the aviation industry. This collaboration integrates Crewchief Systems' advanced digital aircraft insights with Epic Aircraft, offering unparalleled real-time insights into aerial vehicle health, safety, and operational efficiency.

At the heart of this partnership is Crewchief Systems’ innovative use of digital intelligence, aircraft records accessibility, and integrated artificial intelligence (“AI”) capabilities. Crewchief Systems digitally tracks aircraft use together with scheduled maintenance requirements and compliance with applicable airworthiness directives, service bulletins, and other maintenance requirements. This collaboration also ensures that each Epic Aircraft authorized service center gains real-time access and visibility into the maintenance status of each aircraft – ensuring Epic owner-operators enjoy the safety and quality assurances of a comprehensive intelligent maintenance ecosystem.

"Aircraft logbooks are an important part of maintaining an airplane’s value and are essential for ensuring the airplane’s airworthiness," said Doug King, CEO of Epic Aircraft. "Crewchief Systems’ approach to simple data entry and contextualizing aircraft logs, coupled with the ability to ensure compliance with digital aircraft records, enhances the ownership and flying experience. This partnership signifies our commitment to leverage leading technology for the enhancement of safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately, customer satisfaction."

This integration marks a significant advancement related to the management of aircraft safety and the standard of care for the entire general aviation community. By providing real-time, actionable insights into aircraft status, Crewchief Systems empowers operators and service centers alike with the intelligence needed to optimize safety and efficiency. Further, the continuous software development cycle deployed by Crewchief Systems allows agile responsiveness to market needs, as well as the evolution of platform capabilities on an ongoing basis.

"The collaboration with Epic Aircraft is a testament to our shared commitment to pioneering a safer, more efficient digital future for aviation," said Aaron de Zafra, CEO at Crewchief Systems. "By providing Epic owners and operators as well as Epic Aircraft’s authorized service centers with direct access to detailed aircraft maintenance data, we are not just enhancing operational efficiency; we are helping elevate the overall standard aviation maintenance and safety management."

This partnership provides Epic owners and operators with a five-year subscription to “Crewchief GA,” Crewchief Systems’ flagship product. Epic Aircraft and Crewchief have already begun to collaboratively enroll Epic owners and operators in the program, with the balance of the active Epic fleet expected to be enrolled throughout the remainder of the calendar year.

About Epic Aircraft

Epic Aircraft, LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance, all-composite, single-engine turboprop aircraft. Epic's award-winning E1000 GX is the fastest and most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class. Privately held, the design-driven aviation company conducts all of its engineering, manufacturing, and administrative operations at its headquarters in Bend, Oregon. For more information about Epic Aircraft, please visit

About Crewchief Systems

Crewchief Systems leads the transformation in aircraft asset intelligence, leveraging cutting-edge AI to deliver real-time, actionable insights into aerial vehicle health and safety. With a focus on enhancing pre-flight situational awareness and operational efficiency, Crewchief Systems empowers both pilots and aviation professionals with the tools for superior safety management and operational decision-making.

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