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Our Crewchief FM™ solutions are perfect for any organization that manages multiple aircraft, including…

Single system, simple fleet management

Fleet management today is plagued by multiple systems that require swivel chair entries and lack necessary integration. The result… limited insights for you, your organization, and the pilots who fly your aircraft.

The Crewchief Systems ethos puts the aircraft squarely at the center of the intelligence and analytics universe. Expanding on our groundbreaking Crewchief GA owner / pilot solutions, Crewchief Systems provides additional fleet scheduling and management capabilities that enable:

Seamless access
Seamless access for fleet managers, pilots, maintenance providers, and administrators at role-specific permission levels that you control
Comprehensive dashboards
Compregensive fleet-level dashboard views, see the airworthiness status for each plane in real-time
Instant status
All pilots in your organization can quickly assess the critical maintenance items for the aircraft they are flying and confirm airworthy status before each flight
Intelligent fleet
Fully configurable and intelligent fleet scheduling based on the availability of aircraft and instructors
Robust squawk management
Real-time review of flight hours, squawks, and maintenance intervals by your designated service team to optimize communication and minimize downtime
Digitally portable records
Portability in aircraft records and equipment list details to support field maintenance requirements as they arise
Knowledgeable pilots are confident pilots.

When your team enrolls in Crewchief Systems, every authorized pilot carries a robust digital intelligence system for your aircraft, right inside their mobile device.

With everyone working off of the same real-time maintenance and management information, your pilots will always be well-informed, fully-compliant, and intelligently advocate when off-site or unscheduled maintenance may be required.

Enrolling is easy and affordable
No set up fees
Volume pricing
Unlimited users
Record security

Crewchief Systems is a subscription-based platform and offers exclusive member benefits. Rates are dependent on the number of the tails in your fleet. Upon enrollment, our team of industry professionals assist with configuring your account and thoroughly review the service history of each aircraft.

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