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A. What exactly is covered by your system?

Crewchief Systems places your aircraft at the center of the aviation universe, allowing for unparalleled insights into critical safety and maintenance topics. We track a comprehensive list of your key service requirements, build a personalized aircraft profile for your plane, and directly serve all applicable AD’s and Service Bulletins to your mobile device or desktop. Further, we allow you to create a support organization around your plane, including your mechanic, administrators, other pilots, our support team at Crewchief Systems, or anyone else you would like to add to your team.

B. Are you able to track any parts, equipment, or maintenance intervals with your system?

Yes. Crewchief Systems includes a variety of pre-set maintenance, safety, and administrative categories to help you keep everything organized, visible, and on-track. Plus, our system allows you to add personalized and unique components that are custom-configured based on either aircraft use (hours flown) or by calendar days since last service.

C. Are there setup fees?

There are no setup fees with Crewchief Systems. Enrollment is based on monthly or annual subscription plans and onboarding of your aircraft is included in this price. No additional fees are required to get started.  We are so confident you'll be thrilled with your experience that we expect you'll be a loyal Crewchief Systems member years to come.

A. Where do I go to sign up?

Enrolling with Crewchief Systems is easy.  Simply visit the enrollment page and choose the plan most appropriate to your aircraft type: piston single, piston multi-engine, or turbine single. Next, choose a monthly or annual enrollment (annual enrollments are available for a 15% savings versus the monthly equivalent).  Turbine enrollments are available exclusively on an annual basis.

B. How long does it take to get everything set up?

Getting the most out of the Crewchief Systems platform is truly a collaboration between you and the team at Crewchief Systems. Upon enrollment, you will immediately receive an email with instructions about how to begin onboarding your plane. After populating your plane’s major components, you will scan your logbooks and other aircraft records into Crewchief Systems.  We make the scanning process easy, simply take a snapshot of each page. Once scanning is complete, our team of A&P’s and industry professionals spring into action to perform a complementary service history audit – we determine the AD’s and service bulletins that are applicable to your aircraft as well as the disposition status for each of these items. Our team will consult with you regarding any apparent gaps in your history. Please allow 5-7 business days for this process to be fully completed.

C. What if I have additional planes and I want them on the system too?

If you have multiple planes to manage, Crewchief Systems allows you to view the maintenance status of all planes together in a single desktop view.  Plus, with fleets of three or more tails, you may qualify for additional fleet discounting.  For more details regarding fleet programs and their associated pricing, please schedule a meeting with our team or contact us for more information.

D. I paid and never received my account credentials. Why is this and how do I fix it?

As an initial step, please check your promotions and/or junk email folders to ensure your email didn’t get mistakenly get filtered from your primary inbox. If you still cannot locate the “Welcome” email from Crewchief Systems, please contact us for additional support.

A. What do you need me to provide to get started?

After configuring your plane’s major components, you will scan your logbooks and other aircraft records into Crewchief Systems by taking a snapshot of each page. Once scanning is complete, our team of A&P’s and industry professionals will perform a complementary service history review and complete the onboarding process.  In the meantime, you can get started by logging your flights into Crewchief Systems and by adding any custom components specific to your plane that you would like to track.

B. How do I get you my logs?

There is no need to physically send us your logbooks or any other paper-based aircraft records. Crewchief Systems allows you to scan, send, and digitally back-up your airplane’s records directly within the platform. To do this, find the “Aircraft Records” section from the main menu of the Crewchief Systems app. Next, select the type of document you would like to add. Then click the “add” (plus sign) button and take a clear snapshot of each page of the document.  Please work front-to-back sequentially within your logbooks, capturing the oldest pages first and working back towards the most recent entries. The Crewchief support team is automatically notified when any new documents are added to your account.

C. What if I don't have complete information?

Our team of A&P’s and industry professionals are happy to support you.  If there are gaps in record keeping or documentation, our team will work with you to both: a) configure your Crewchief Systems account properly, and b) to ensure you have visibility into the AD’s and Service Bulletins that may affect your plane’s compliance and safety status. We recommend you also consult with your mechanic to ensure your aircraft is both airworthy and fully compliant with all regulations.

A. How many users can I have and do you charge for them?

One of the many benefits of working with Crewchief Systems is that you can add as many people to your plane’s organization as you would like without any additional cost.  These additional users may include your mechanic, airplane administrators, other pilots, or anyone else you would like to add to your personal team.

B. How do I add others to my account?

You may add new members to your plane’s organization directly within the desktop view of your Crewchief Systems account (this function is not available within the mobile version at this time). To add a new member, simply click on “Manage Members” from the left menu on desktop, click “Add Person to Organization” and select the appropriate access permission level. The new member will be notified immediately via email that they have been added to your organization and provided with instructions regarding how to login to Crewchief Systems.

C. What if I want to restrict user activity (view only for example)?

Crewchief Systems allows account administrators to add members of your plane’s organization at role-specific permission levels that you control. There are three levels of access: Administrator, Manager, and Member.  Administrators will have the greatest permission level within the organization, while Members will have access to more limited functionality.

D. How do I let my mechanic see my records?

One of the benefits to being a Crewchief Systems Member is sharing your records with others.  This may be accomplished in one of two ways:

1. Associating your aircraft with one of our Maintenance Affiliates: Crewchief Systems allows you to associate your aircraft with one of our growing network of affiliate maintenance providers. Once associated, the affiliate provider will have direct access to your data and will see your aircraft within their fleet of maintained aircraft. 

2. Adding your mechanic as an individual member of your account: Each aircraft in our system has an owning account and you as the owner are the administrator of that account.  When accessing the system via your browser (not within the app), simply navigate to "Manage Members" within the organization menu, then select "Add Person to Organization" and fill in the required fields. You can change the level of access that each individual has at any time and the system will automatically provide the new member with their login credentials using the email you provide.

A. Why is there so much red on my AD/SB list… my plane is legal!?

Crewchief Systems’ maintenance status items are color-coded to allow all members of your plane’s organization to easily assess maintenance needs, compliance, and safety status. Green indicates that there are no near-term maintenance items within that category, orange means that there are items due soon that require your attention and/or preparation, and red typically indicates there are item(s) that require your urgent attention – these are items that may be past due, items that place the aircraft or pilot out of compliance, etc. It’s strongly suggested that aircraft owners and pilots inspect each “red” item associated with the plane’s status carefully and make an informed determination whether that item should ground the plane for compliance or safety reasons.

B. Why are you showing ADs/SBs that don't apply to my specific airplane?

There are several reasons why AD’s and Service Bulletins may not apply to your aircraft. One of the most common reasons is that an AD or SB may have been issued for optional equipment associated with your specific model of aircraft, although your individual aircraft configuration may not include such equipment. Another reason why AD’s or SB’s may be listed as “not applicable” within Crewchief Systems is if we have found no clear record of consideration of the safety notification within your records history. We suggest that you consult with your mechanic to review the complete status of each AD and SB, especially where there is no clear indication of compliance in your records.

C. Why doesn't my dashboard show correct information?

There are two critical steps needed to always ensure your information is correct and up to date within Crewchief Systems.

1. Flight activity must be logged in the system after each flight.  Logging flights is easy and generally takes less than a minute to complete.  Within the Crewchief Systems GA app simply select “Flight Logs” from the main menu, then choose “New Flight Log” and enter your flight information.

2. After any maintenance or compliance updates are completed, be sure to scan your new documentation and/or the new entries in your logbooks. These new documents will be submitted automatically to Crewchief Systems so our support team may update your account appropriately.

D. Why can't I edit my information?

To give our members the best experience possible within Crewchief Systems, and to provide confidence that everyone in your plane’s organization can rely on the accuracy of Crewchief Systems, we are careful to protect the accuracy of the data. Certain safety and maintenance updates may only be performed by Crewchief Systems support team after proper documentation has been scanned into the system.  If you ever have questions regarding the accuracy of the information shown in Crewchief Systems, please contact us at either:
[email protected] or by calling 800-242-4925, Option 2 (support).

E. How can I defer or delete ADs/SBs I don't care about?

For certificated aircraft, Airworthiness Directives must be adhered to, and may not be deferred or deleted per FAA regulations. The pilot is responsible to maintain accurate documentation regarding how each specific AD has been addressed and complied with. Service Bulletins generally allow a greater degree of compliance options for the aircraft owner, meaning SB’s may often be deferred based on aircraft owner choice. However, Crewchief Systems always keeps a record of potentially applicable SB’s as part of your aircraft’s profile should you want to reference them in the future.

A. How do I log my flights?

Logging your flights is a vitally important step in maintaining your aircraft with Crewchief Systems. This is what allows us to track maintenance items associated with aircraft use (hours flown). Logging flights is easy and takes less than a minute to complete.  Within the Crewchief Systems GA app simply select “Flight Logs” from the main menu, then choose “New Flight Log” and enter your flight specifics including post-flight tach time, consumables used, as well as any applicable notes and/or squawks.

B. Where do I update my VOR check information?

VOR checks are an important part of IFR flying and the FARs require a log of these checks to remain in the aircraft. Crewchief Systems is a great way to ensure that all pilots have access to this information, and it is vital to keep it up to date.  To log VOR checks simply navigate to "Flight Logs" within the main menu (note that there is also a quick-jump icon at the bottom of the screen within the app), then select the "VOR Check" tab on the resulting screen.  Enter your station information, location (to/from), distance and deviation, then initial your entry and save the record. This information is retained in our system and will present you with a running log of each entry.

C. Can I track my Navigation Database Updates in your system as well?

Absolutely. This is accomplished in a similar fashion to the way in which VOR Checks are added into the system. Within the system simply navigate to "Flight Logs" within the main menu (note that there is also a quick-jump icon at the bottom of the screen within the app), then select the "Nav Data" tab on the resulting screen.  Enter your equipment name and appropriate nav update details in the resulting form, initial your entry, and save the record. This information is retained in our system and will present you with a running log of each entry.

D. How do I add additional maintenance tracking items into the system?

Adding anything and everything you may want to track on your aircraft above and beyond what is covered as standard with Crewchief Systems is easy to do. Simply select “MX Management” from the main menu, then select the “Add Maintenance Item” button. You may then select one of our prepopulated components or create your own custom item. You may track these items either according to aircraft use or calendar days. Items will be promoted to the system’s dashboard for attention at milestones that you designate.

E. My total times aren't correct and are too low compared to what is shown in the aircraft. Why?

This is most often caused by Crewchief Systems not having your latest flight details. As you fly, it is important to keep us informed by logging your flight directly within the Crewchief GA app or providing us with ongoing true-up entries. This can also be accomplished when accessing the system via your browser.  Note that maintenance tracking often relies on different meters than those used to calculate your personal flight time. An example of this would be a piston-single aircraft that has a Hobbs meter used for flying time calculations and a Tach meter used for airframe and equipment total time calculations. It is important to use the correct meter when logging your flight.

If after verifying your latest flights are correctly logged within the system, your aircraft total times remain misaligned, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 800-242-4925, Option 2 (support).

F. How do you know I have had maintenance done on my aircraft?

When your mechanic has performed work on your aircraft, it’s important that you scan copies of your new logbook entries and/or maintenance documents into the Crewchief Systems in the correct records category. Immediately after new entries our made, our support team is notified, and recurring maintenance intervals for your aircraft are updated accordingly.

A. I love your system and want to tell others. Do you have a referral program?

Thank you for your support! We aim to elevate the standard of aircraft asset intelligence across all of general aviation – so the more members we have in our system, the more we’re able to contribute to more intelligent flying in the general aviation space. We plan to release a referral system in the future, but in the meantime please share your Crewchief Systems story with us and others, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to let us know how Crewchief Systems benefits you specifically.  If you can help spread the word around your hangar or within your personal network of pilots regarding all of the benefits of Crewchief Systems, we would be grateful.

B. I see you have a network of maintenance affiliates. How can my A&P/IA participate?

Yes, we’re actively looking to grow our maintenance affiliate program with like-minded maintenance facilities that are truly interested in elevating the standards of aircraft asset intelligence with next-generation maintenance insights. Affiliates benefit from real-time insights regarding their fleet of maintained aircraft, far less time dedicated to research and bookwork, digital records on-demand at any time and from anywhere, and enhanced value provided to their clients. If you think your maintenance shop would be a good candidate for the Crewchief Systems Affiliate program, we would love to speak with them.  Please contact us for a referral or have your mechanic schedule time with us directly.

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