Crewchief Systems® Elevates Aircraft Asset Intelligence with FlightAware® Integration and Automated Flight Log Estimates
By Rick Bennett

[Mill Valley, CA, January 3, 2024] – Crewchief Systems®, a leader in aircraft asset intelligence, proudly announces its integration with FlightAware – further elevating its comprehensive digital maintenance and safety management capabilities. This enhancement underscores Crewchief Systems’ commitment to providing the most advanced and reliable digital platform in the general aviation industry.

Crewchief Systems is renowned for delivering real-time aerial vehicle health and safety status, thereby enhancing the transparency and portability of aviation maintenance requirements.

By integrating with FlightAware's extensive flight tracking and data platform, Crewchief Systems significantly streamlines members’ experience by ensuring consistent and reliable ongoing flight records.

Due to the digitally connected nature of Crewchief Systems platform, estimated flight hours are automatically communicated internally with authorized members of the plane’s organization – including maintenance providers, administrators, and fellow pilots. Transparency and visibility of ongoing aircraft operations ensures no important service intervals are missed, and any important recurring safety directives remain in full compliance.

Enhanced Crewchief Systems Capabilities:

Flight Log Estimates: Leveraging FlightAware’s advanced data, Crewchief Systems now offers automated flight log entries with each flight, reinforcing its commitment to operational efficiency and data accuracy.

Advanced Aircraft Health Monitoring: Crewchief’s internal team of industry professionals together with a national network of maintenance affiliates offer insight into real-time aircraft use versus ongoing incremental maintenance requirements and safety directives.

Real-Time Situational Awareness for Members: This integration provides Crewchief Systems members with enhanced pre-flight and mission-critical insights, enabling more informed decision-making related to operations and risk assessment.


Aaron de Zafra, CEO of Crewchief Systems, emphasizes the impact of this integration: "Our integration with FlightAware is a substantial strategic improvement to Crewchief’s core capabilities. It allows us to offer our members and network of maintenance affiliates an even higher level of precision and insight in managing aircraft safety, efficiency, and value preservation. This is a testament to our team’s ongoing commitment to innovation as we lead the transition of general aviation into the digital age. "

With a dedicated development team, and a commitment a to a continuous product development cycle, Crewchief Systems is able to remain responsive to dynamic industry demands. Participating Crewchief members can always expect additional feature enhancements to be introduced to the system on an ongoing basis.

For additional details about Crewchief Systems and the benefits of this integration, please visit or contact [email protected].

About Crewchief Systems:

Crewchief Systems® is redefining the aircraft asset intelligence space, delivering real-time aerial vehicle health & safety status to our customers. Our systems emphasize safety and pre-flight situational awareness for managed aircraft. We arm our customers with the personalized insights they need to effectively manage safety, assess risk, improve operations, and protect value.

About FlightAware:

FlightAware operates the world's largest flight tracking and data platform. With global connectivity to every segment of aviation, FlightAware provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service with global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics, and decision-making tools. Leveraging this data with FlightAware's powerful, intuitive, responsive, and reliable web-based interfaces and APIs yields the world’s most comprehensive, capable, and useful flight tracking and digital aviation data platform.

Contact Information:

Rick Bennett

VP, Market Development

Crewchief Systems

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 800-242-4925


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