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EAA members save 15% on Crewchief Systems for the life of your aircraft!

Fly with intelligence and access aircraft data like never before
Receive unparalleled insights into your aircraft's full maintenance and operations history.
Know the state of your aircraft's compliance with Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, and other regulatory requirements.
Track flight operations in real-time and access your information via our secure mobile and web architecture.
Share your aircraft's information easily with others and always maintain control of your data.
Fly Safer
Save Time
Save Money
Preserve Value
Crewchief Systems places your aircraft at the center of intelligence and analytics

After all... it is the aircraft itself that serves as the connection point between pilots, fleet managers, maintenance shops, and other important stakeholders

Real-time dashboard
Improve preflight situational awareness with custom dashboards
Plane-specific ADs and SBs
See Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins for your plane
Digitally secure records
Back-up and digitally store your aircraft logs and records
Professional MX support
Receive valuable insights from our A&Ps and industry professionals
Alerts & monitoring
Know before your mechanic when maintenance is due
Detailed equipment lists
Effortlessly track aircraft equipment and parts
Robust squawk management
Manage squawks with our robust workflow engine
Unique new insights
Uncover gaps in your maintenance history and logs
See how it works

This product takes away a significant amount of ownership pain. If you don’t like paperwork… you may find that there is no better solution.

- Scott Sherer, EAA Chapter 838 President -
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As an EAA member not only will you save 15% for the life of your subscription, but you will gain access to a standard of care and benefits unparalleled in the industry.

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Start logging your flights
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Single Engine Monthly
$ 49 / Month
Thorough logbook analysis included
Multi Engine Monthly
$ 79 / Month
Thorough logbook analysis included
Save 15%
Single Engine Yearly
$ 499 / Year
Thorough logbook analysis included
Save 15%
Multi Engine Yearly
$ 799 / Year
Thorough logbook analysis included
Save 15%
Turbine Single Yearly
$ 899 / Year
Thorough logbook analysis included
Yearly exclusive
Turbine Single Yearly
$ 899 / Year
Thorough logbook analysis included

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