Crewchief Systems debuts product to simplify aircraft management, maintenance, and compliance.

The new service arms General Aiviation pilots and owners with the technology and information they need confidently and effortlessly manage their aircraft with every flight, improving the safety, regulatory compliance, maintenance tracking, and maintenance coordination associated with aircraft ownership.

Oshkosh, WI – July 22, 2019: Crewchief Systems announced the debut of their flagship product Crewchief GA during EAA AirVenture 2019, the industries leading tradeshow event for General Aviation (GA) aircraft worldwide. Crewchief GA is the first in a series of product offerings to take advantage of Crewchief Systems’ cloud-based technology architecture built to provide aircraft asset intelligence to the aviation industry.

Crewchief GA provides a personalized and serial-number specific aircraft records management system to owners of single-engine and light-twin engine aircraft so that they may more effectively manage their operations, maintenance and day-to-day usage. The new system provides mobile and online access to personalized Airworthiness Directive (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) documentation, recommended scheduled maintenance, and other regulatory information associated with registered aircraft. Crewchief GA also offers pilot and owners the ability to effortlessly track consumables (oil, fuel, etc.), log squawks, coordinate maintenance, and verify currency with each flight.

Today’s GA landscape is heavily dependent on how thorough the A&P’s/IA’s are with respect to researching AD, SB, and regulatory issues for a given aircraft. Oftentimes owners are unaware of the demands required of a maintenance visit or inspection. As a result, some aircraft are released into service without properly considering the implications of these requirements. This can lead to costly maintenance surprises down the line, or worse yet, significant system failures. Couple this with the fact that many pilot owners fail to track engine consumables, aircraft squawks, and other pertinent details for their aircraft, and it is easy to see the market Crewchief GA was designed to serve.

“With Crewchief GA, owners of light GA aircraft can now benefit from the safety and value that comes with a proactive and comprehensive maintenance program for their aircraft,” said Aaron de Zafra, CEO and co-founder of Crewchief Systems. “These programs have historically been the domain of larger turbine and jet aircraft typically found within the charter and commercial fleet, but to date nothing has been developed for owners of smaller, personal aircraft.”

The use of Crewchief GA is expected to significantly increase the safety, reliability, and value of registered aircraft by ensuring that the records of a given aircraft stay with that aircraft throughout its service life. “There is far more to an aircraft’s story than what is typically depicted in today’s paper-based logbooks” says de Zafra. “Not only do we digitize those logs, we also provide customers with reports and analytics specific to their aircraft based on how it’s being operated and managed day-to-day. We can even share this information directly with the customer’s mechanic or prospective buyers should it be desired”. The resulting platform allows for improved coordination and maintenance predictability for owners and mechanics alike.

Crewchief GA is intended to complement – not compete – with electronic logbooks that already target pilot flight time logging,” clarified Mr. de Zafra. “The solution offers a disruptive shift in the aircraft maintenance market, automating what was once a manually-intensive and laborious process of reviewing aircraft and equipment details/usage for purposes of cross-checking against mandatory and recommended service requirements.”

Crewchief Systems emphasizes Aircraft Asset Intelligence data and provides access to this information with intuitive, role-specific solutions that provide industry stakeholders with the real-time information they need to make effective decisions. To get started with Crewchief GA, customers pay a one-time set-up fee covering the cost of logbook transcription and creation of their personalized aircraft management dashboard. Service fees are charged monthly or yearly thereafter depending on preference, and customers pay by the aircraft and not the user. This allows multiple resources to access aircraft information under a single subscription.

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