Traditional aircraft management is weighing you down

Don't lose time and money

Trying to figure out your aircraft's maintenance history costs money and takes time.

Don't settle for less efficient and less safe

Paper-based records are making mechanics 40% less efficient, and putting your safety at risk

Get the bigger picture of your aircraft

 Log books don't provide valuable insights into your aircraft's long-term performance.

Crewchief Systems® lets you manage your aircraft properly.  Move away from antiquated paper-based records.


Fly Safer

Save Time

Save Money

Preserve Value


Fly Safer and Protect What's Important

Track flight operations real-time, with personalized and up-to-the minute maintenance & regulatory compliance dashboards.

  • Know when critical maintenance is coming due.

  • See the real-time safety and compliance status of your aircraft with each flight.

  • Receive personalized alerts for maintenance and management needs.

  • Enhance your pre-flight situational awareness.

Know What Your Mechanic Doesn't

Capture your aircraft's service history & correlate it against important regulatory and maintenance requirements in advance of your mechanic.

  • See serial-number specific airworthiness directive and service bulletin applicability for your aircraft.

  • Understand maintenance & regulatory intervals. 

  • Save money on maintenance without compromising safety.

  • Supercharge the conversations you have with your mechanic.

Maintain Peak Performance & Preserve Value

Digitize and decipher your aircraft and operational logs, and monitor critical maintenance needs before they become an issue.

  • Protect your investment with a portable and up-to-date digital record of your aircraft's logbooks.

  • Share records, usage, and squawks with others.

  • Review analytics and reports specific to your usage.

  • Uncover gaps in your aircraft's maintenance history and logs.

You're losing time and money

You're spending time and money to figure out your aircraft's maintenance history.

You're not getting the bigger picture

You're missing out on valuable insights into your aircraft's long-term performance.



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Crewchief Systems®


Crewchief Systems® is redefining the aircraft asset intelligence space, delivering real-time aerial vehicle health & safety status to our customers. Our systems emphasize safety and pre-flight situational awareness for managed aircraft. We arm our customers with the personalized insights they need to effectively manage safety, assess risk improve operations, and protect value.

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